Checking student work for plagiarism

If you are related to the educational fraternity and are looking for the best plagiarism scanner tools on the internet, then you have landed in the right spot. In this traction, we are going to tell you all about the best plagiarism checker tools that are helpful and reliable in checking student work for plagiarism. These tools can be used by students themselves and also by teachers. If you consider the use of plagiarism checker tools as difficult, then do not worry, the tools discussed today are not only reliable but are also very much easy to use.

Plagiarism Program by SearchEngineReports

The plagiarism program by SearchEngineReports is considered the best online tool for both students and teachers. This is a free plagiarism program with many interesting features and the best part of this tool is that it is easy to use and user friendly. You do not need any skills to use this program for scanning. You must enter homework or paper in the tool using the text upload method or file input method. After uploading your article to the tool, you have to click on the “check plagiarism” button and the tool will compare your content against billions of pages in terms of all kinds of duplicates and similarities!

Plagiarism checker by Grammarly

An important service that can be helpful for students is Grammarly. Grammarly is often a mistake as a tool that can only check your work for grammar and punctuation mistakes, but this is not true. Grammarly can check your work for engagement, delivery, and clarity issues with its basic version but if you hook with the premium version, then you can also check all of your work for plagiarism. Plagiarism checking with Grammarly is extremely easy and simple, you have to turn on the Plagiarism tag, and your work would be scanned from top to bottom with complete accuracy!


Duplichecker is ranked among the top-notch tools of the decade, and this is only because of its cliché features. Duplichecker is a free plagiarism scanner/checker tool that allows you to scan over 50 files or 50K words in a single day. The tool is reliable because it uses artificial intelligence to scan your work for all sorts of duplication. You can not only check your papers for plagiarism with duplichecker, but you can also scan them for all kinds of grammatical errors. The tool is quite famous because of its accurate results and detailed reports. You can only enter 1000 words in one go so if you have a bigger assignment then you have to split it for checking!

Small SEO Tools

The plagiarism checker by smallseotools is also perfect for educational institutes. This tool is very versatile and is workable on all kinds of devices, including smartphones. It should be evident to you that this is a free plagiarism checker tool with unlimited services. There is no limit to scanning content with this service. You have to open the program on your device and keep on entering the text in the input box for scanning.

This plagiarism scanner is integrated with over ten billion web pages with which it compares your input. This makes the results even more accurate and trustworthy. This tool also offers rephrasing features with the help of which you can reduce duplication from your work!


This is a premium plagiarism checking service, but that does not mean that it is paid. This is also a free plagiarism checker utility that requires registration with a valid account if you need to use the pro version. You can surely use the tool without registration, but there are some limitations in the basic version. If you have to check a single assignment or paper, then the basic version is best for you, but if you have a bunch of files, then you have to fulfill the formalities of the tool. This tool is cloud-based, so you run it on any device.

The is another website that can scan content for plagiarism. This is a relatively new platform but is considered to be best for students because of its quality services. This plagiarism checker service is also a free one. You can check content in textual format and can also scan complete files with this utility. The tool also offers you the URL checking feature with the help of which you can scan complete online pages for plagiarism. This online scanner is also easy to use and simple to understand. The ad-free interface of this tool makes it more friendly.
All of these plagiarism checker tools are best for checking student work and submissions for plagiarism. You can easily score content with the assistance of these services!

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