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ABOUT US is the leading source of content in Turkey, as a content provider., named after a group of media professionals and veteran journalists, who creates professional solutions, for firms as well as NGO’s. is the first content marketing and content management group in Turkey since early 2000s.
Founded in 2004, is the key adress with award-winning journalists who produce a wide range of materials, such as journals, periodicals, books as well as interactive content for web sites. A selection of report and commentary appears in major business magazines in Turkey

OUR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES is known for producing published materials such as periodicals, economic and sectoral reports, cooperate websites for companies, content providing for thematic portals; for your company to reach a wider audience., which based in Istanbul, provide hard-to-find details for targeted industries with a portfolio that clients are assured they won’t miss out on information essential to their businesses. Also, can produce news items, interviews to publish / broadcast in Turkish media for corporate clients.
Whereever you live or work, is the gate to reach / to know about Turkey. can produce a wider range of research / reports for your company, with the highest standarts of journalism, as accurate and objective.

OUR TEAM include an expanded team of top financial journalists, from distinguised members of Turkish media, such as mass circulating dailies Hurriyet, Sabah to news agencies as well as news magazines, news portals.

Guventurk Gorgulu
Client Relations

Graduated from Istanbul University, MA in Political Sciences. He began his journalistic career in 1987. He worked for DISK Research Institute, a subsidary of Turkey’s largest trade union DISK, for research reports and books. After then, he worked for mass circulating newspapers as an business news editor and commentator. He is the author of The Financial Structure of Turkish Media Sector, printed in 1992. He is the founder of Portakal Marketing and work as a marketing consultant.

Murat Basboga
International Projects

Graduated from Marmara University, BA in Communications. He began his career in 1992 for business magazines. He worked as a producer/presenter for various news channels, such as Kanal-e (economic news channel), TV8, in 1995-2000. In 2000-05 period, he worked as a business news editor for –internet news portal, a joint venture of Turkish news channel NTV and He covered stories espacially in international finance, energy and steel industries.

Mustafa Sonmez

Graduated from Middle East Technical University, MA in Politicial Sciences in 1978. He worked as a researcher, commentator and chief editor for various publications. In 1996-2001 term, he published a monthly magazine for The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, or TOBB. He is a regular contributor for various newspapers, magazines. He is the author of 12 books, mostly in development, disribution of income. He is a lecturer in Galatasaray University on media studies.

Nalan Manyasli Alakent

Graduated from Marmara University, BA in Communications. She worked as a reporter/editor for arts and culture sections of various dailies. As a distinguised film critic, she produced many programmes for public radio. She is the author of The Synergy of Minds (Akэllarэn Buluюmasэ), an encyclopedic book which inclues 747 scientists, authors, cinematographers, artists, etc. Right now, she is a consultant for TV producing firms; also she prepare questions for the quiz shows.

Levent Gurses

He studied journalism in Istanbul University. He began his journalistic career at the UBA News Agency, in 1983. He worked as a reporter/editor on various publications, and contributed a wide range of commentary on economics. He is interested in international finance. He work as a public relations consultant for various companies.

Fahri Alakent

He studied Turcology, Hittitology in Istanbul University, also he has a BA degree in Economics. He began his career as a photo reporter in 1987. He worked as a reporter/editor on various fields, such as news magazines, daily newspapers and news portals. He is a consultant for public relations, as well as cooperate publishing.

Mine Turkili

Graduted from Istanbul University, MA in Political Sciences. Also she has a BA degree, from department of Italian, Istanbul University. She began her journalistic career in news and economic magazines, in 1989. She wrote columns on gastronomy, made translations for magazines from Italian. In 2000-2003 period, she worked as a freelance journalist in Sicilian Island of Italy, and contributed features on Italy. Currently, she is a representitive for Italian news portal, write columns on wine, gastronomy and travel; also work as a translator from Italian.

Yekta Kilic

Graduated from Marmara University, BA in Communications. He started his journalistic career at sectoral magazines (agriculture, logisticts, food) in 1995. After than, he worked as a reporter for periodical economic news magazines, as well as daily newspapers. He worked as a PR manager for a public relations firm. He is a consultant on PR activities for corporations.


Europe Real Estate 2006 Yearbook: Editorler Team contributed to Europe Real Estate 2006 Yearbook
EMULZER NEWSLETTER: A quarterly newsletter for Turkey’s first waterproofing company; Emulzer
ARCELOR NEWSLETTER: A quarterly newsletter for Arcelor International and Arcelor FCS in Turkey
EFFECTS OF IMF POLICIES IN TURKEY: An economic report about IMF policies for Turkish Petrochemical Workers Union of Turkey
ARCELOR CD: An interactive CD about products and services of Arcelor International and Arcelor FCS
ARCELOR INTERNATIONAL WEB PAGES: Updating Arcelor International’s Turkish web pages under Turkish Constructional Steelwork Association (TUCSA) offical web site
COTTON; FROM FIELDS TO FACTORIES: A special report on cotton policies in Turkey for Istanbul Textile & Apparel Exporters’ Associations
ECONOMIC FORUM MAGAZINE: A monthly economic magazine for The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey
HONEYWELL WEB SITE: Content of Honeywell’s offical web site in Turkey
HONEYWELL NEWSLETTER: A monthly newsletter for Honeywell Turkey
STEEL DAY MOVIE: 5 minutes movie about the advantages of the structural steel for Turkish Constructional Steelwork Association (TUCSA) on Turkish Steel Day 2003
STEEL STRUCTURES NEWSPAPER: 16 pages newspaper about structural steel on Steel Week and ECCS Congress 2000 in Istanbul


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